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Meals, Memories and Piatto!

We have some super exciting news here at Meals and Memories!

We are thrilled to announce that Chef Francesco will be taking his talent to Piatto located on the waterfront in Long Island City, Queens where he'll be curating menus with some old school Italian-Mediterranean dishes and inventing new ones!

He's joining forces with the highly skilled chef and restaurateur Giancarlo who opened Piatto with the idea that it would have fresh, quality food with an Italian touch as if you were eating food directly from your family's kitchen in Italy.

This idea is exactly what brought Giancarlo and Francesco together when Giancarlo noticed Meals and Memories with Nonno on his friend's coffee table. After reading it, he was happily surprised to find out his friend knew Francesco and that's how they connected!

With Francesco joining Piatto's team, the menu will continue to feature all kinds of traditional Italian dishes including some that are inspired from Meals and Memories with Nonno and the Italian-Mediterranean lifestyle in America.

"It's going to have some classic recipes from the cookbook but also new ones that we've been working on that are more intricate and modern," Francesco said.

The possibilities are endless at Piatto thanks to their perfected wood fire oven, fine ingredients imported from Italy, and chefs who bring techniques from their Italian immigrant families and culture.

Piatto is situated on the waterfront of Long Island City, Queens facing the iconic Manhattan skyline, making it the perfect spot for a sophisticated evening out in a comfortable setting.

Keeping with the tradition of Italian family dinner, Piatto offers Family Style Menu night every Thursday to really give you a homestyle meal for everyone without the hassle of cooking or cleaning!

In the past, Meals and Memories has held events at Piatto such as book signings and tasting menus with recipes from the Meals and Memories with Nonno cookbook and very much look forward to what is ahead!

So if you live in New York City or you're just visiting, Piatto is definitely the place to check out for food so good you'd think you were in Italy if you couldn't see the Empire State Building across the river.

Stay tuned for updates on Piatto and all things Meals and Memories by following us on Instagram & Facebook!

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Piatto is located at 1-50 50th Avenue On Center Blvd &, 50th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

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wonderful lets talk again see if resturant wants to sponsor a show and make it a nice story .


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