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Cooking With Francesco

Cook along with Francesco by selecting one of the videos below! Some recipes are from Meals and Memories with Nonno and some are Francesco's personal favorites!

Treat yourself  or send as a gift

Interested in a private or group cooking class in person Francesco in the comfort of your own home? A 3 course meal and instruction class for 2-8 people starting at $225  including ingredients. Francesco will discuss the menu with you so that all dietary needs with you to assure it fits the needs of your family and friends be it Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Base. 

Email or call 516-962-1403 for details! 


Frank teaches you how to properly slice and cook an artichoke! 

Marinara Sauce pg 89

Frank goes over the difference between a Sunday Gravy & Marinara Sauce.

Pasta Piselli  & Chicken with Garlic and Parsley 

Frank is up in Sunday River, Maine and makes 2 simple dishes with what Northern Maine has to offer.

String Beans and Potatoes

Picky eaters in the house? String Beans and Potatoes is a crowd pleaser for every type of palate!  

White Beans

Frank spills the beans on how to make White Beans the traditional Italian way!

Miami Trip Marinated Zucchini

Frank is down in Miami with Ashley and makes Zucchini and much more!