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All of the recipes in Meals and Memories with Nonno are ones he would eat in an average week.

Below is an example of a seven day meal plan schedule that Nonno would follow.


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Nonno's Meal Plan

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Nonno would also have 1-2 slices of Italian bread with lunch and dinner. Keep in mind, he ate what was in season and what he grew in himself in his gardens.


For instance, Monday's lunch of zucchini would not have been eaten in winter when zucchini is not in season. What's also critical to note is the times Nonno ate his meals. Lunch was between 12-1pm and dinner was between 5-6pm, except Sunday which was between 12-1pm. These times were strictly adhered to and he'd skip lunch if it was not at the appropriate time.

Meals and Memories
with Nono:

Eat and Live The Mediterranean Way

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