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Share Your Meals
And Memories

Have a family recipe or one of your own that you want to share? We want to hear it!


Join Our Community!

We would love to hear from you!

Submit your own recipe and memory to be featured in Nonno's Courtyard, where everything happens!

You'll also get a chance to be published in our next book!

Angelo "Nonno" Iovine


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Submission Guidelines

By submitting your recipe, you are giving us permission to publish your recipe on our website.

If your recipe is selected for the next book, you will be notified and then prompted to vote on which charity you'd like the contributions to go to.

For an example submission, click here.

Thanks for submitting!

Meals and Memories
with Nono:

Eat and Live The Mediterranean Way

Learn Mouthwatering Recipes You Cannot Live Without!

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