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Easy Vegan Chili

This Vegan Chili is so easy to make and filled with simple, healthy ingredients!

During the fall season, the days start to get shorter but the food starts to get heartier as well!

There is something so comforting about the smell of chili cooking on a weekend afternoon, getting ready to feed the hungry bellies coming inside from the autumn air!

Checkout the video below for instructions on how to make this Easy Vegan Chili:

You will need:

- 3 bell peppers (green, red, & yellow)

- 1 large onion

- 5-6 garlic cloves

- 4.5 cups (3 cans)* of beans

- 28 oz can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes

- 6 oz can of Tomato Paste

- 1.5 tsp salt

- 1 tsp black pepper

- 2 tbsp cumin

- 1 tbsp chili powder

- 1 tbsp paprika

- 3-4 bay leaves

*If using canned beans, be sure to drain them prior to adding them to the mixture!


1) Add diced peppers and onions and EVOO to a large pot on a medium heat.

2) Cook until soft (about 8 min) and add garlic and cook for another 2-3 min.

3) Add tomato paste and diced tomatoes and cover with lid.

4) Cook on a medium-low heat for about 30 min or until mixture thickens.

5) Add beans and spices to the mix and cook covered for about 20 minutes.

6) Add bay leaves, stir, and cook on a low heat for about 50-60 min.

PRO TIP: No chili is ever complete without hot sauce so we always top ours with Franks Red Hot!

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